Where Do The Leads Come From?

All of the leads at HBBLeads.com are from advertisements that say something like “earn extra income from home” or “start your own home based business”.

There is no specific business mentioned to the leads in our advertisements. They are simply just looking for a way to earn extra income from home.

We cannot show you the exact ad, because we are VERY competitive with our ads, and changing them all the time. This link should give you a good idea of what our ads look like. They are typically full page internet lead capture pages, asking people if they would like to earn income from home.

Please remember… if they ask, all you need to tell your leads is that they just answered one of your advertisements requesting to be contacted.

The leads have never heard of HBBLeads, because HBBLeads is not mentioned on the ads.  If you mention us it will only confuse and complicate your phone call. Focus on talking about your business, getting them the information on how to work with your company, and moving forward.


  1. Marylin
    , 2018-06-30

    Thanks, it is quite informative


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