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** Links, Email Address, Phone Numbers, Branding, and Prices are out-of-date in these videos **

These videos are from 2014-2016 and cover many of the basic features inside Prospect Toolbox (previously named MyGoldProspector). 

However much of the advice and software basically remains the same.

If the links below do not work, you may need to be logged into your Prospect Toolbox account first.

Email Marketing + Phone Burner Demo

How to use MyGoldProspector (Prospect Toolbox) for more than leads

Text Message Notifications

Team Leader Training

Contact Manager – How to receive leads, manage them, organize, etc.

Setting up Prospect Toolbox

Picking a Domain Name For Your Business

Speaking Secrets

Smart Sender – Similar to having a dropbox inside a Sales Funnel, create your own custom pages

Local Leads – Working local leads step-by-step

Critical First Steps

Mobile Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing Tips






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