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Watch this Prospect Toolbox demo, where you will see a presentation for a new customer looking for a way to manage 1,000’s of contacts.

You ask, we answer. HBBLEADS Prospect Toolbox network marketing solutions explained.

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[…transcript excerpt…]
Everyone, this is Brooke from HBBLEADS And in this video, we’re doing a webinar to go over the basic features of Prospect Toolbox and talk about what it is.
Alright, so I was talking to Renee earlier this morning, and she was talking about building her business with maybe a thousand leads at a time, and I had to suggest prospect toolbox.
So here we are and you’re going to watch me show the prospect toolbox, and go through the main settings and what it is and how it will help her. And you get to watch this video too. I would say I love creating videos because she can share them with her team when they need to learn how to use prospect tools. You can share them with your team out there. And that’s what Prospect Toolbox is all about too, it’s about duplication and making it easier on ourselves in the long run
.Okay, so what you’re looking at right now, this is the home page of HBBLEADS as You’re familiar, and you’ll find prospect toolbox, all over the site, and you can also order a here and you probably notice that it’s one dollar for a ten day trial. And we did that for a very specific reason, and that is that you need some time to set it up, you do some time to get under the hood and create all the settings.I’m gonna show you that today, what it looks like and this or trial in that 10 days, there’s no setup fees, there’s no contracts, there’s no cancellation policy, and you can upgrade and downgrade at any time from inside your customer account with us.
And I have a little bit of a demo account here. If I can show you. I don’t know if it has the settings, but I’ll show you what it looks like. When you have a customer account with us, you have this control panel and you’ll see your settings here and all your prospect toolbox will be in your account. So if you’re familiar with us already, which you probably are, if you’re watching this video, you probably order leads to us in the past and you know, you know how to use the internet, you know how to log into an account and get what you need.
Well, prospect toolbox, although it is a separate system from us is actually a separate company. We partnered with them in a way. So that when you logged in at HBBLEADS, your prospect toolbox is inside the same account, you can click one link and log into your prospect so you don’t need to remember two passwords.
And also, when you receive leads from us to go into your system automatically… we’ll get to there, that later.
Modify your account? You can come in here and click on this link. …you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any time. So if it doesn’t work out for you, you can just cancel it.[…. you can upgrade at any time, you can downgrade at any time. Say it is a slow season? Downgrade. No questions asked….] You can do all that here… we even have people over the years that maybe have the biggest package, which is the dialer and everything else. You can actually downgrade over Christmas and if you’re not gonna be dialing, may you take on vacation for a month traveling for a while, you actually downgrade to a lower package size, keep your leads and upgrade later.
So basically, what I want you to know is that when you have an account with us, it’s really easy to manage.

You can see your next billing date, you can actually update your credit card. This the users’ account will look a little different than yours will. Because this person has been here a really long time and they actually ordered a package we had, which is more… it’s not even that much, but he ordered a package that was a lot more than that a long time ago.But in here, when you modify your account, update your credit card log in your system all in the same control panel.So does that make sense? 

So when you get that one dollar trial, I just want you to know that you have full control if you wanna change the size of your package or you want to cancel or whatever, there’s no cancellation based on contract, just log in your account, make the changes that you need, right?

Live Leads, Fresh Leads are delivered directly to your Prospect Toolbox.

So, let’s get into this a little bit. Okay, so this system has so many features. And what I’m going do here is talk about these important tips before I show you this system. These are really the most important things to know. Okay, so we already covered that one login is needed. We just covered that. Now, here’s the next tip, is that we deliver all of your live and fresh leads automatically into your prospect toolbox for you.

So when every order leads from here leads, the leads will go into your system automatically, you don’t have to download anything, you don’t to import anything, they just show up. And I’ll be showing you a few minutes exactly where they land when they get there and what’s important to know those these age to leads the only ones we don’t send your account as both local leads, the leads have to be within 30 days old and the local, as are older than 30 days old, and we might occasionally have… so, specialty leads, for example, post cards or for direct mail, those don’t get loaded in your account. Got basically most of our leads. Any leads that are in 30 days old, have a name, email, phone number, those are gonna be loaded into account automatically, so you can start using the system and what happens with a lot of people that sign up is they think it would be harder than this. And we start looking for how to do all those things.

Where do I log in?

“How do I download my leads? Well, you just log in here and your leads are there, it’s already done.

Here’s what a lot of people like … there’s so many users on the system right now and no one else has this.

We have free leads with every account level and all we show you those account levels in a minute. And I want to talk to you about what the free leads are. This is really important. The free leads are 7-21 day nationwide leads. So you can see what these are. So these are nationwide, which means these are people responding to ads all over the United States and they are age leads. They can be up to 21 days old, we do well, here’s the thing, they’re free.

You’ll see this sign by the way, when you go through any leads on our site, if they’re eligible for prospect tool box, if you go in, click through all little icons and everything else would see that they’re eligible and you can see the other delivery settings. What I wanna show you though on the nationwide leads is…

so basically what they are, let’s look at the lead data so we can go here.

You get the basic name, phone of our email dress.

These are some pretty… basically, a nationwide. They answered an ad wanting to acquire about starting a home business or making initial income from home.

And what I wanna show you, even more, is the pricing on these leads. Because when I want to show you, is that the system, it’s actually like a by one, get one free. we’d matched the system to the price of the leads when you get 50 free leads, which would be about $30. we have a $30 system, we do the math that works out, we have another one that’s 80 leads, which is about $50. and the, price. And then our 200 leads is a..

 you’re going to find our system as the price is the same, we’re basically giving you these leads.

It’s like a buy one, get one free by the way you price it out.

I want to manage some expectations really quick too.

You understand that dialing older leads is a little bit more challenging or you need to have a different skill set to do that. You dialed leads before. Yes, I do understand that… 

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