Objection: Where did you get my information?


You signed up on my website on (date) to learn more about starting a home business.

I have a lot of advertisements and websites on the internet, so it is almost impossible to tell exactly which one you responded to.

To verify my information, this is [lead name], correct?

And you are interested in learning about making additional income, correct?


Continue with your normal interview. When they say yes to learning about how to earn additional income, you can start to have a normal conversation.


If your lead is not a bad lead, because they are the result of a typo or incorrect information, meaning they did not sign up online and you have a wrong number, they will say NO to the above questions.


I apologize if I have a wrong number. I will immediately remove you from my list.


Simply make a note to not call them again. If you have a 5-day return policy on the type of leads you ordered, you can return this lead for a free replacement. Typos and bad leads can happen, so most of our orders include 10% extra free leads automatically.


Always keep your leads moving in a positive direction.

You have to gently take control and steer the conversation towards HELPING them find the right business and reach their goals and helping them watch a video or attend another business presentation to make that decision.

It is advisable to NOT talk about HBBLeads or leads in general. Why? This will usually only confuse them and take your conversation in the wrong direction. You will end up spending 5-10 minutes explaining advertising instead of moving forward promoting your business. Plus our advertisements do not mention HBBLeads, so this conversation will not help.

The script above is so effective (as well as our other objection scripts) that we use it when calling the “bad leads”  that are returned to us, and they often turn around into GOOD LEADS that do want a presentation.

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