Objection: I don’t have any money

Be sure to show your prospect how your business will help them make money and resolve their problem.

Or perhaps your products will help them save on some other monthly bills.

If they still have the problem of not a enough money, ask them when you think their situation will change, and schedule a follow up call.

For example… “Would it be okay if I follow up with you in about a month and see if your situation has improved?”

They almost always respond yes to this answer!  Continue to follow up until it is the right time or they ask for you to never call them again.

Also this is something we see this happen all the time with aged leads. People will change their mind or decide they are ready a few weeks later and then end up signing up with someone else!  Don’t let this happen to you. Build a relationship, let them know you are there to answer any questions they have, and always reschedule!

The most successful marketers with leads keep people in the calendar for sometimes up to a year!

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