Objection: I am getting too many phone calls

No matter what industry you are in, or where you get your leads you will always hear this reply.


Whether someone is shopping online, or looking to boost their income with a job or new business, most people shop around and are looking at more than one option.

Which means that even with an EXCLUSIVE lead, we cannot control anywhere else that have also submitted their information online.

Here is exactly how to handle this:


I’m not interested I have had too many people calling me already.

No one from my company has called you.  What other companies have you heard from?

(Wait for reply)

Well that’s great news actually, there is another way to look at it.

Because you are receiving so many calls, you get to compare them all and pick the very best one for you!

Yes… I guess you’re right


Continue to book a time to show them your business presentation.


Here’s another choice of words if your lead is upset or angry.


I have too many people calling me please stop!

I am sorry to interrupt you, I just want to check my records then I will let you go and remove you from my list.

You did request to learn more about making additional money from home, correct?


Did you fill out more than one form on the internet?


Okay, well I want to let you know that after a a week or so your information becomes less valuable and you will stop receiving calls as long as you do not fill out more forms on the internet.

I will remove you from my list and never call you again.

However because you submitted your information in many places I have no control over who you will be getting calls from.


At this point, the lead will typically become less upset because you have been so polite to them, explained why is happening, relieved that it will naturally stop as long as they stop filling out surveys online, and you may be able to talk to them about your business using our other scripts.


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