Objection: I already joined another business

Especially when calling Aged Leads you may sometimes find they have already signed up for another business.


Here’s a sample script for calling an Aged Lead:

Hi [Lead Name],

You requested to learn more about ways to earn income online [time that has passed], have you found what you are looking for yet?


If they say YES – This isn’t a deal breaker!


People love to talk about themselves. Take a genuine interest and learn about the products, how much it costs, the reason for joining, etc.

Congratulations! What is the company you joined?

What is it about this company that motivated you to join?


Then compare your business to the one they are currently doing and show them how your business is superior (if appropriate).

Are you still keeping your options open to review other companies at this time?


If they say YES, you can continue your usual scripts to present your business.

Great, do you have 15 minutes right now to review the opportunity? (send a video)


If they are NOT open to hearing about your business, or it is not the right time you can use this script.

Well congratulations on your business. It was wonderful talking to you. Would it be okay if we kept in touch, and I call you back in about a month? I’d love to see how this business turns out for you.


They almost always reply with yes.

Add this lead to your calendar and call them back later.

Always reschedule!

If they kindly say NO that simply means NOT NOW.

Keep nurturing the relationship and checking back.

The up-side is that you just called a LEGITIMATE LEAD that is the type of person that is taking action to join a business.

There is a definite possibility that this business may not work out, and they may be interested in the new option that you presented at a later time.


So you are the person they choose to work with when the time is right for them.


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