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Prospect Toolbox Team Leader Features

In this meeting, we will be showing you how to build and manage your own replicated marketing system using Prospect Toolbox.

This meeting is ideal for Industry and Team Leaders wanting to expand and provide more resources for their team.

* How to rotate and share leads with your team
* Instantly duplicate your content in team accounts (saving you 90% of your set-up time)
* Post company and team events to a shared calendar
* Have your own team training pages!

And so much more…

The recording is processing, please check back for the posted video!


Prospect Toolbox Daily Routine

If you’re a prospect toolbox subscriber, we will cover your simple daily routine to be sure you stay on top of your prospects and their responses. If you already did the Set-up Instructions, this video is your next step.

* How to check your inbox (most people miss this!)
* How to receive text alerts for the best follow up
* How to find your hottest prospects

And so much more…

The recording is processing, please check back for the posted video!



Future Webinars:

  • Lead Comparison – a walkthrough of the different types of leads and how they work. Find the best leads for your business


Missed a Class?

Most recorded videos from previous classes are posted in the Training Videos Library



  • All of our training is “generic” meaning that we do not promote any type of home business, only marketing advice.
  • By using our videos and training, you can be more effective with your time.
  • Leads are not for everyone, it is only one way of marketing. However for the right person can be invaluable.
  • Using videos is how you reach true “duplication”! Because you will spend less of your own time training and be motivating your downline.


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