How to Get Leads to Your BOP

BOP = Business Opportunity Presentation

After you book your appointment with a lead to present your business, it’s important to have the right follow through to ensure they show up.

Your leads will probably try and ask a lot of questions about what they need to do, how much money they can make, the products, etc.

Always gently steer the conversation towards watching the video.

For example:

If they ask a question about something they will learn in the presentation:

“That’s a great question, and the reason I am calling is to provide you with those answers. I’d like to get you all of the information, to help you can make an educated decision. Do you have 5 minutes right now to watch a video on your cell phone?”

If they ask more questions:

“Yes I’d be happy to answer that for you after the video. I know I called you unexpectedly and we didn’t have a set appointment. I have many people to call back right now. The video will cover your initial questions, then we can plan a set time, where I can give you dedicated attention to answer all of your questions. Does that work for you?”

Types of BOP Presentations

#1 Text Message a Video: Have your best BOP video link ready to send. Ask politely when they have time to watch a video that will help them make an educated decision. It might be right now, so have the link ready to send!

Recorded Call: When you have them on the phone, ask them if they have the time right now, then 3-way them into the recorded call.

Scheduled Conference Call: Book the time for the call with your lead. Call them back a few minute before the call starts and 3-way them into the call.

Local Business Presentation: If they are comfortable with it, ask to pick them up and take them there. Make sure they have the address. Call an hour before and confirm that you are still on for your meeting.

Online Tour or Video:  Ask them if they can be on the computer and the phone at the same time. Ask them to look at the website while you have them on the phone. Have them start the video or tour, and let them know you will hold or call them back when it is completed.

Remember:  you never want to have your lead write down a website address, a phone number, or drive themselves to a presentation (if possible).  They might change their mind, write it down incorrectly, get lost on the way there… you get the idea.  Follow this guidance to help body you invite to view your business presentation makes it there.

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