Dialing Leads Checklist

Are you new to dialing leads? Or need to a refresher to get better results? Before you pick up the phone read this list to make sure you are ready to get the best results possible!


Read our training articles on calling leads.

Read our Call Scripts.

Write your own custom call scripts for yourself.

Ask you business partners if they will share their successful scripts and practice with you.

Practice scripts over the phone with your business partners until you are comfortable.

Contact business partners before you start dialing leads and let them know to expect 3 way calls from you, when you need help with enrollments, or just get stuck.

Have a planner or calendar ready. Always schedule with your leads and reschedule if they can’t make an appointment. The more you follow up and build a relationship the better results you will get.

Keep a list of the necessary websites and phone numbers close by. When you need to 3-way dial a business partner or recorded call that explains the business opportunity you will be ready to go.

Order your leads. Purchase real time leads approximately 24 hours in advance.

Have fun and start dialing!

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