Closing Your Leads

Here are a few pointers to help with closing your leads.

Remind your leads the reason why they are interested in starting their own home based business.

If you asked them how much money they were looking to make in your initial interview, ask them if they see how this could be the answer they were looking for.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for! Just go for it, as them if they are ready to get started.

Ask your upline or successful business partners for assistance. Bring them in on a 3 way call to help answer questions your lead has about the business.

When someone is ready to sign up, stay on the phone with them and sign them up yourself if possible. This means you keep them on the phone and ask for their credit card information.

Or stay on the phone while they go through the sign up process on their own computer. That way if there is anything unexpected such as they do not know what package to select, they have questions about extra fees, you can answer right away and make sure they finish the process!

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