BOP: Business Opportunity Presentations

 When you call leads your main goal is to book a business presentation (BOP) 

A BOP is typically provided by your company to explain the business for you.

Whats a BOP? 

  • Live/Recorded Webinar
  • Live/Recorded Conference Call
  • Youtube or Vimeo Video (easy to send via text message!)
  • Local Business Event (such as a Super Saturday)
  • Company has a leader visiting town for a special presentation.

Any presentation that will explain who your company is, what your products are, and most importantly, how someone can get paid by working with your business.

What a BOP is not:

  • Sending someone to your company website home page
  • You explaining the business one-on-one

If you don’t use your companies presentations this can be a huge waste of time because you can only talk to a few leads per hour at best if you spend your energy and time explaining your business model to every person that is friendly and answers the phone.

Your company has already created a system, and powerful videos and speakers to do this for you.

Maybe you do a great presentation. Consider making a recorded video, or record a webinar, of you giving the presentation. That would be great!

The bottom line is that you use a recorded video or similar presentation so you can do as many presentations as possible. 

How many people can you send a video link in a text message to? As many as say YES to receiving it!

How many people can you give a one-on-one 15-60 min presentation to? When you do presentations yourself, your numbers are limited.

Many successful lead callers book 5 business presentations on average every hour. They usually set a goal for a number of presentations every day.

If you are a good multi-tasker you can set people up to watch video business presentations, while you keep calling other leads!

This will allow you to sort through the leads quickly, and find the ones that are genuinely interested in the business.

Dialing leads is a sorting process and a numbers game. 

Remember that you want to find people that will be self motivated, and successful in the business.

It might take a little time for them to get comfortable talking to you, and making an educated decision.

You might need to help them watch a few videos and a handful of follow up calls. That’s normal.

If you have to PUSH someone to join, you would also have to push them to work at the business too, and these people usually eventually quit.  Remember: no pushing!

You’re time is better spent sorting and looking for the right motivated people to join your team.

Learn Everything (but don’t explain everything)

When you have studied your business, and are confident answering questions, the calm confidence and knowledge will  be very attractive to potential new enrollments.

After the presentation your new prospects will have questions, this is when learning everything you can about the business will pay off.

Be sure to read your company documents, training materials, attend regular training with your company etc. before you start calling leads.

You want to be well educated about your business so that when a lead asks you a question you can answer it easily and correctly.

However, when you call leads, you do not explain everything.  Your company has probably already done this for you in a BOP!

And if you are not confident that you can answer every question about the business, that is OK too. 

Talk to your upline leaders, and ask them if you can occasionally 3 way dial them into your lead calls when you get stuck. Successful leaders are usually great at helping you out when you are always bringing in new prospects and helping their leg grow!

Introduce your lead to your upline leader on a 3-way call.  Edify you upline to your lead, that means to let them know how important the call is, and a little bit of  impressive information about the leader they are being introduced to.




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