Archive testimonials

Just this month with 2 shares of 30 live area code leads, I have brought aboard 4 new business partners. I also have many of those lead prospects in my hot list that are seriously interested in coming aboard. I am super excited and the best part is I work these leads about an hour a day. The team is also catching on to the lead program and that means my business is starting to run away from me with the help and support of HBB LEADS and the lead programs you offer.

Thank you very much. Business is growing exponentially and that is exciting. ”

Brad Emm – Prepaid Legal

I have been using leads for over a year and a half. Everyone I talked to today from the Short Form Leads 0-24 hrs knew why I was calling. I have a few follow up appointments already scheduled. Thank you so much for great quality leads!”

Stacy Stehle ~ Colorado

After my first package and a sale within a week, I’m hooked! You can’t beat the quality/quantity for the price offered with these outstanding leads. I have tried numerous other lead generating companies and I haven’t found one yet that I can compare to what you offer. Your leads range from those who are just getting started on a tight budget to extremely high quality leads, that are still a fraction of the prices I have found with other companies. For as long as I am in the home based business industry, you’ve got my business!”

Marie Moore

and I will follow up with them this evening or tomorrow. I have not used up all the leads you gave me (20 Short Form Leads 0-24 Hours). I am so very positive that these 4 will join… being a newbie, I am proud of this.”

Summer Oden

now I always refer you to my down line.

I used the Fresh Survey leads & I enrolled 3 people one after another. WOW! I felt like I was on FIRE. The best part was, that the prospects hadn’t been contacted any other company yet (they are very fresh).  I have never had such immediate success with any other leads. Thanks for having such High Quality leads.”

Tanya Doebler – AmeriPlan USA® Regional Sales Director

I am especially fond of the Short Form Surveyed leads (0-24 hours). I get people on the phone who are interested, they remember asking for the information and are ready to hear about our opportunity. I have signed many from these leads alone. This past month in February with the Fantastic Feb promotion I have signed up 7 so far and all but one came from HBB Leads.  Thank you!”

Theresa Croft – AmeriPlan USA®

I signed up 3 New Team members and made $270! I bought some $4.00 leads at the same time and the Quality does not even compare! By far has the Best Quality leads at such an affordable price. You have a Customer for Life!”
Jennifer R. -AmeriPlan USA®

and have called more leads than I care to admit. It was not until I started using HBB Leads that I really reached major success. My ROI is great as long as I work the leads and my home based business has never paid me more!”
-Charles Mui-Six Figure Earner

for your four years of supplying quality leads to our organization!

We look forward to many more years of awesome growth with your leads! Keep up the great work!”

-Tim and Linda/RN Hutchinson