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  • Prospect Closing Formula

    New Course is Coming soon!


    Do you feel frustrated with so much to do? So much to learn? How to follow up? When to follow up?

    And what to do about those “interested” people that never actually join?

    Do you find yourself Googling questions, like “How to succeed at network marketing?”

    In this course, we cover all of that and so much more.

    In this 8-part training you will learn: 

    • How most leaders grow huge organizations
    • The exact action steps to take with every lead
    • A PDF and WORD worksheet for tracking your leads (step-by-step)
    • Know exactly what you need to improve to get more sales

    In the network marketing industry, there are a few KEY FACTORS to growing a massive organization.

    In this course, we give you a SIMPLE DETAILED LIST of the closing process!

    It’s taken us over 10 years to create such a simple summary.

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

    And we keep going…

    We give you a list for the long-term strategy too. 

    Because in network marketing specifically, the goal is building a big organization that organically grows itself.

    With this detailed list, we train on each of the 8 individual step-by-step items, with a detailed tutorial video for each!

    You will also have access to Q&A in the comments section.

    To be notified when this course becomes available, simply make sure you are following us on social media (facebook), or have an account with us at HBBLeads (you can create a free, no cost account here).


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  • Keep Track of Your Numbers

    Calling leads is a numbers game.

    Keep track of how many leads you call, how many answer the phone, how many sign ups you get, etc.

    This will help you be more productive and see the immediate results from every lead you call!

    Here is an example: 

    You buy a package of 20 leads for $20.

    From that package of 20 leads you get one sign up that has a $100 profit.

    $100 business profit – $20 cost of leads = $80 net profit

    $80 profit / 20 leads = $4 per lead in profit

    This means every single time you pick up the phone you made $4!

    Now doesn’t that make it easier to call your leads?

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