How to Take Notes on Leads with Prospect Toolbox and PhoneBurner

Be sure to watch Part 1 on taking notes on leads before this video course. 

Search Your Notes in Prospect Toolbox

Take notes in Prospect Toolbox…

prospect toolbox search


Then search your notes by any criteria!

prospect toolbox search




When in a live dial session, you buttons appear at the bottom of every call.

Every time you press a button, PhoneBurner automatically takes a note of this action and sends a matching follow-up email (if an email is matched to that button). By default most of these emails are already created for you and contain your personal information, find them here after logging in, and change what emails are sent with each button pressed in the Dispositions * advanced users)


phonr burner buttons

After you click on “Live Answer” more button appear.

phone burner buttons

If you are an advanced user you can change the buttons and their preferences in the PhoneBurner Settings called Dispositions (login before clicking that link).

After using PhoneBurner you can search by the different PhoneBurner buttons you pushed during your dial sessions. PhoneBurner takes a lot of notes for you.

phonrburner advanced search



Looking for more assistance?

Comment below or contact us for help.

If you are an active Prospect Toolbox subscriber, there is an additional technical support staff available to assist you. To reach them, log in to your Prospect Toolbox through our control panel, then click on Support from the top right-hand menu after you are inside of your Prospect Toolbox.



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