How to Take Notes on Leads with Prospect Toolbox and PhoneBurner

*Be sure to watch our note-taking training first! watch here



Inside Prospect Toolbox you will find your “Contacts” where you can take notes on every call and lead.


prospect toolbox search


After you have been using the note-taking features, in the future if you are looking for anything specific, you can use the advanced search to find it!

prospect toolbox search



Phone Burner Notes

You can also take notes during dial sessions or phone burner sessions.

During your dialing session buttons appear at the bottom of every call.

Every time you press a button, PhoneBurner automatically takes a note of this action and sends a matching follow-up email (if an email is matched to that button).

By default, most of these emails are already created for you and contain your personal information.

Find them here after logging in, and change what emails are sent with each button pressed in the Dispositions * advanced users.


phonr burner buttons


After you click on “Live Answer” more buttons will appear.


phone burner buttons


After using PhoneBurner you can search by the different PhoneBurner buttons you pushed during your dial sessions. PhoneBurner takes a lot of notes automatically for you just by pushing a few buttons during the calls!


phonrburner advanced search


For example. you can use the “Advanced Search” to create a “Saved Search” of everyone you left a voicemail for. You can use this search anytime you have wanted to try calling your leads for the second time.


Using the note-taking features with the advanced search features will allow you to easily manage hundreds or thousands of contacts!



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