Creating Email Campaigns

Learn How to Create E-mail Newsletters

  • You are creating an automated machine that works for you, and will help your leads get to know you personally.
  • Write whenever you get inspired! Do you want to tell this fact or story to more people? The add it to a newsletter right away!
  • FUNNELS: Create folders + email campaigns for any reason: old leads that haven’t responded, active downline, inactive downline, new leads, local leads, people you need to follow up with, etc.
  • Be conversational, like you talk to friends, tell stories, use your own words, be interesting and authentic, share real photos, tell a story about a recent event, share videos of you.
  • Help then get to know you, your personality, the business… it’s all about sharing the real story about your business.
  • If you do the bare minimum (only using our templates and free leads) you will get the bare minimum results. Do what leaders do.. give 110% and have a system sharing YOU and your unique story business around the clock.

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