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All Local Leads: 20% Extra Free Leads

For example order 200 leads + 20% extra = 240 total leads (40 free)

LegalShield Leads: Select any “local” leads at HBBLeads and enter coupon code legalhbb at checkout.

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Call Script:

(please copy and use with your own leads

My name is _____ and I am calling you from the city of ______

 It looks like you just submitted a online request to our office regarding an interested in a work from opportunity, is that still the case?

 Please tell me what you are currently during for work…

 What attracted you to want to work from home…

 Have you ever owned your own business from home….

 Please grab a pin as I want to give you my contact info

 30 second overview

 If I, will you……


Suggested Leads

All types of Local Leads are recommended, especially if you have local / regional events to invite your prospects to.

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  • This training is for independent associates of LegalShield and is not affiliated with the company.