Leadership Tools

If you are actively training a large organization we have many ways to help you succeed!

Free Leads for Live Lead Dialing

If you provide Live Lead Dialing for your team (this is when you host a conference call, and let your team members listen to you dial leads), we would love to help you out! If you consistently have more than 25 people on the phone to listen to you dial, we may be interested in sponsoring your calls and providing you with complimentary leads. Please write to manager@hbbleads.com to find out more.

Affiliate Program

We will compensate you with 10% commission, payable as instant lead credit for your referrals. Use this credit to purchase more leads for yourself and your team. Sign Up

Prospect Toolbox

The “Executive” package has a “team sharing” feature to help you achieve duplication within the system. Every customized setting including video uploads, e-mail templates, phone scripts, and more, can be instantly shared and duplicated in your team members account. You have full control to choose exactly what content is shared with your team. With an Executive account you have the ability to create a “team access code”.  Share this code with your team, and they can instantly duplicate your content. Leads can also be re-assigned to your team members accounts. This can save you countless hours of set-up and training for your team! Learn More