Where do I find my leads?

Customer Account

All lead orders, delivery status, billing history, and more can always be found inside your customer account at HBBLeads.com. This is the most reliable way to check for new leads. 

Delivery Via Email

If you have requested leads to be delivered via e-mail please check your spam folder.  Adding hbb@leadcustomerservice.com to your address book inside your email account or as a saved contact on the device you are using can help improve email delivery. We do not guarantee delivery of leads via email.

Lead Delivery Time

After your order is placed online or over the phone, you are placed in a queue for lead delivery.

It typically takes between 0-24 hours for your order to be approved. We check every order from new customers for accurate usernames, account info, accidental duplicate orders, and so on.

After your order is approved (0-24 hours) depending upon the type of leads you ordered, and their current supply and demand, the delivery time may vary. Most lead orders will being within an hour, at most within a few days.

If you have any questions please reach out to customer support and ask them to check on the status of your order.

Additional Delivery Methods

If you are awaiting leads inside of your Prospect Toolbox account, via Text Message, or believe there may be a technical problem please contact customer support.