Good Leads Guarantee

Most of the leads from HBBLeads provide a “Good Leads Guarantee” as stated specifically on individual lead description pages.

5 Day Returns

When a 5 Day Return policy is indicated, you have 5 Days to return any “bad leads”.

You can return bad leads by logging into your customer account.

We will ask you to submit exactly WHY each lead was determined to be a bad lead. We take our lead quality very seriously, and your reporting helps improve our advertising practices. We review every submission.

If your lead is determined to be “bad” we will remove the lead from your account, and a new lead will be delivered ASAP.

Either way you will receive a reply if we refuse or accept your submission with the reason why. Lead returns typically take 1-3 business days to be processed.

10% Extra Free Leads

Most of our products automatically include 10% more free leads with your order. Just in case you get a few bad leads, this will cover more than the amount of bad leads received. In the event that you have more than 10% bad leads, it is usually due to a technical error, which is extremely rare. Please contact us if you have more than 10% bad leads immediately so we can replace your additional bad leads.

No Returns / No Free Leads

Highly discounted Value Packages, Bulk Leads (45-180 days), Clicks to Your Page, Sale Giveaways, Bonus Leads, and potentially other specialty leads.

  • Clicks to Your Page does CANNOT guarantee a certain percentage of “leads” or accuracy of lead information because we do not collect any lead data when sending you real live traffic to your site aka “clicks”. You can verify that you have received traffic to your website if you are able to see your traffic reports, such as using Google Analytics.
  • Value Packages and Bulk Leads (45-180 Days) are significantly discounted and usually provide hundreds of leads. With significantly aged leads there tends to be a higher amount of bad leads. We have accounted for this by providing these leads for a very, very low price.

What qualifies as a “bad lead”?

  • Disconnected / Non-working phone number
  • Wrong Number / No Such Person
  • Person claims they never requested information online about a home based business or making additional income from home
  • Email fails and the bounce message states that the address does not exist

What is still a good lead?

  • Lead does not return voice-mail
  • No one answers when you call
  • Lead is no longer interested
  • Lead is not interested in your specific company
  • Mailbox is full or your email lands in their spam folder

When we call these leads we verify that they were in fact interested at the time they answered an advertisement about a home based business – this is how we determine a good vs. bad lead. We can only guarantee that we collected accurate lead data from our advertisements. We cannot guarantee what we call the “human factor” – if each lead will personally like you, your business, the products, have time or money to invest, change their mind, not answer their phone, etc.