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New! Prospect Toolbox Setup Instructions

Good Leads Guarantee

How do I change the number of leads I receive daily?

How do I update my email address and other information?

What is a CSV file?

What is Auto-Ship and how does it work?

Account Login Problems

Where do I find my leads?

How to Return Return Bad Leads


General Advice

What Are Leads? (For Beginners)

11 Ways to Get YOU Motivated

BOP Presentations

How to Get Leads to Your BOP

Dialing Leads Checklist

Monte Taylor Recorded Training



Script: VoiceMail Message

Script: Aged Leads

Script: Booking Business Presentations

Your Powerline

Post Card Leads Training


Handling Objections

Objection: Where did you get my information?

Objection: I am getting too many phone calls

Objection: I already joined another business

Objection: I dont have any money

Objection: Not the right time