Customer Support

We are typically available Monday – Friday between 9-5pm Pacific Time, excluding major US holidays.

Before contacting customer support please search our Help Topics or Video Library for answers and tutorials.

Fastest Response (Text)

For the fastest response time, please text 702-637-3152 

Sometimes it can be helpful for us to see exactly what the problem is. You can also send us pictures! Just take a picture of your computer screen with your phone and send it to us via text.

Prospect Toolbox Support

For help with billing, sales, and lead delivery you can contact us here at HBBLeads with the information on this page.

For technical help or issues inside your Prospect Toolbox,  please login at HBBLeads first, then follow the links to open Prospect Toolbox), and then look for Support options from the top right-hand menu drop down.



Slower Response  (Email and Phone)

Please allow 1-2 business days for an email or phone response, a text message is recommended.

Email or send a message with the form below:

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Call: 702-637-3152 *new phone number

9am – 5pm Pacific Time


Why are we recommending text? We are changing with the times and we are finding this is the best way to communicate. Here are more details about the delay issues we have in answering emails and phone calls, because they might be helpful to your own business, and contacting your leads:

Email Issues: Most email providers automatically label emails that mention words like “home business”, “coupon”, or the name of a network marketing company immediately as spam. You may not see that we replied to your email because it went to your spam There are also occasional mail server problems and spam we have to sort through to find your email (we cannot block spam here, because we would also miss many customer messages that mention their company name or other spammy words).

Phone Issues: The back and forth of playing phone tag and leaving messages, a voicemail box is full, or are in different time zones with different availability, is not ideal. To be perfectly frank, a lot of people try to recruit us into their deals on calls. Many also seek 1-on-1 marketing advice, and while we like to educate (see our videos), costs us a lot of time to do this 1-on-1. Some of the products we provide only give us literally a few dollars in net revenue (total for the order!) because of our low prices. At that rate, we cannot afford these long phone calls. We try to only use calls for issues that absolutely require a phone conversation.