Affiliate Program

Make more, save more, and boost your home based business career TODAY!


When you sign up as an HBBLeads affiliate, you receive 10% commission from your referrals– payable as an instant “lead credit” towards future purchases.

This is a single level affiliate program (not an MLM).

You can use the lead credit at any time by visiting your affiliate area and requesting a coupon code. The coupon code is generated instantly and can be used in your shopping cart to purchase leads.

Please note that we are unable to process commissions retroactively for customers you have already referred in the past. If you were already an affiliate, and for some reason, your referral customers did not credit your account, such as them not following the link, please send a list of these customers to and we can do our best to manually add them for you.

This sounds great! So, how do I get started?

All you need to already have a customer account at HBBLeads if you do not have one already (no purchase necessary). Sign up here

Most accounts are already approved, and you will find your referral link and tracking in your account.

If you do not see an affiliate area inside your customer account, simply contact us and ask us to add you to the affiliate program.