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  • Prospect Closing Formula

    New Course is Coming soon!


    Do you feel frustrated with so much to do? So much to learn? How to follow up? When to follow up?

    And what to do about those “interested” people that never actually join?

    Do you find yourself Googling questions, like “How to succeed at network marketing?”

    In this course, we cover all of that and so much more.

    In this 8-part training you will learn: 

    • How most leaders grow huge organizations
    • The exact action steps to take with every lead
    • A PDF and WORD worksheet for tracking your leads (step-by-step)
    • Know exactly what you need to improve to get more sales

    In the network marketing industry, there are a few KEY FACTORS to growing a massive organization.

    In this course, we give you a SIMPLE DETAILED LIST of the closing process!

    It’s taken us over 10 years to create such a simple summary.

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

    And we keep going…

    We give you a list for the long-term strategy too. 

    Because in network marketing specifically, the goal is building a big organization that organically grows itself.

    With this detailed list, we train on each of the 8 individual step-by-step items, with a detailed tutorial video for each!

    You will also have access to Q&A in the comments section.

    To be notified when this course becomes available, simply make sure you are following us on social media (facebook), or have an account with us at HBBLeads (you can create a free, no cost account here).


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  • Post Card Leads Training

    We provide Post Card Leads for mailing handwritten postcards to build your business.

    These leads contain mailing addresses only. We do not provide the actual postcards or postage.

    These are an excellent option if you do not like calling leads and would instead like only the interested prospects to call you back.


    Where can you buy postcards?

    • Post Office
    • UPS
    • Office Supply Stores
    • Print Stores


    What to write on the cards (use your own handwriting for the best results)


    [Lead Name],

    I would like to talk to you about an opportunity/position with my company.
    Please call me at _______.

    My Name

    My Phone Number


    What do you say when they call you back?

    If they ask how you found their information, here’s a response you can use:


    Great to hear from you!

    You answered one of my ads or a survey online looking for ways generate extra income from home, or over the internet.

    I understand that you may, or may not be interested in working with my company. I’m contacting you to provide you with information so you can make an educated decision that is best for you.

    When do you have about 15 minutes so I we can go over how you can work with my company?


    You may want to set an appointment with the lead for a live conference call, video presentation, or website tour that can explain your business model.

    See our training pages for more scripts to help you on the phone.


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  • Objection: Where did you get my information?


    You signed up on my website on (date) to learn more about starting a home business.

    I have a lot of advertisements and websites on the internet, so it is almost impossible to tell exactly which one you responded to.

    To verify my information, this is [lead name], correct?

    And you are interested in learning about making additional income, correct?


    Continue with your normal interview. When they say yes to learning about how to earn additional income, you can start to have a normal conversation.


    If your lead is not a bad lead, because they are the result of a typo or incorrect information, meaning they did not sign up online and you have a wrong number, they will say NO to the above questions.


    I apologize if I have a wrong number. I will immediately remove you from my list.


    Simply make a note to not call them again. If you have a 5-day return policy on the type of leads you ordered, you can return this lead for a free replacement. Typos and bad leads can happen, so most of our orders include 10% extra free leads automatically.


    Always keep your leads moving in a positive direction.

    You have to gently take control and steer the conversation towards HELPING them find the right business and reach their goals and helping them watch a video or attend another business presentation to make that decision.

    It is advisable to NOT talk about HBBLeads or leads in general. Why? This will usually only confuse them and take your conversation in the wrong direction. You will end up spending 5-10 minutes explaining advertising instead of moving forward promoting your business. Plus our advertisements do not mention HBBLeads, so this conversation will not help.

    The script above is so effective (as well as our other objection scripts) that we use it when calling the “bad leads”  that are returned to us, and they often turn around into GOOD LEADS that do want a presentation.

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  • Objection: I am getting too many phone calls

    No matter what industry you are in, or where you get your leads you will always hear this reply.


    Whether someone is shopping online, or looking to boost their income with a job or new business, most people shop around and are looking at more than one option.

    Which means that even with an EXCLUSIVE lead, we cannot control anywhere else that have also submitted their information online.

    Here is exactly how to handle this:


    I’m not interested I have had too many people calling me already.

    No one from my company has called you.  What other companies have you heard from?

    (Wait for reply)

    Well that’s great news actually, there is another way to look at it.

    Because you are receiving so many calls, you get to compare them all and pick the very best one for you!

    Yes… I guess you’re right


    Continue to book a time to show them your business presentation.


    Here’s another choice of words if your lead is upset or angry.


    I have too many people calling me please stop!

    I am sorry to interrupt you, I just want to check my records then I will let you go and remove you from my list.

    You did request to learn more about making additional money from home, correct?


    Did you fill out more than one form on the internet?


    Okay, well I want to let you know that after a a week or so your information becomes less valuable and you will stop receiving calls as long as you do not fill out more forms on the internet.

    I will remove you from my list and never call you again.

    However because you submitted your information in many places I have no control over who you will be getting calls from.


    At this point, the lead will typically become less upset because you have been so polite to them, explained why is happening, relieved that it will naturally stop as long as they stop filling out surveys online, and you may be able to talk to them about your business using our other scripts.

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  • Objection: I already joined another business

    Especially when calling Aged Leads you may sometimes find they have already signed up for another business.


    Here’s a sample script for calling an Aged Lead:

    Hi [Lead Name],

    You requested to learn more about ways to earn income online [time that has passed], have you found what you are looking for yet?


    If they say YES – This isn’t a deal breaker!


    People love to talk about themselves. Take a genuine interest and learn about the products, how much it costs, the reason for joining, etc.

    Congratulations! What is the company you joined?

    What is it about this company that motivated you to join?


    Then compare your business to the one they are currently doing and show them how your business is superior (if appropriate).

    Are you still keeping your options open to review other companies at this time?


    If they say YES, you can continue your usual scripts to present your business.

    Great, do you have 15 minutes right now to review the opportunity? (send a video)


    If they are NOT open to hearing about your business, or it is not the right time you can use this script.

    Well congratulations on your business. It was wonderful talking to you. Would it be okay if we kept in touch, and I call you back in about a month? I’d love to see how this business turns out for you.


    They almost always reply with yes.

    Add this lead to your calendar and call them back later.

    Always reschedule!

    If they kindly say NO that simply means NOT NOW.

    Keep nurturing the relationship and checking back.

    The up-side is that you just called a LEGITIMATE LEAD that is the type of person that is taking action to join a business.

    There is a definite possibility that this business may not work out, and they may be interested in the new option that you presented at a later time.


    So you are the person they choose to work with when the time is right for them.

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  • Objection: I don’t have any money

    Be sure to show your prospect how your business will help them make money and resolve their problem.

    Or perhaps your products will help them save on some other monthly bills.

    If they still have the problem of not a enough money, ask them when you think their situation will change, and schedule a follow up call.

    For example… “Would it be okay if I follow up with you in about a month and see if your situation has improved?”

    They almost always respond yes to this answer!  Continue to follow up until it is the right time or they ask for you to never call them again.

    Also this is something we see this happen all the time with aged leads. People will change their mind or decide they are ready a few weeks later and then end up signing up with someone else!  Don’t let this happen to you. Build a relationship, let them know you are there to answer any questions they have, and always reschedule!

    The most successful marketers with leads keep people in the calendar for sometimes up to a year!

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  • Objection: Not the right time

    If you are calling leads that are not “real time”, the #1 rejection you will hear on the phone is that it is not the right time when you call.

    You will often be calling people while they are at their other job, running errands with their kids, etc.

    Be very polite and patient when you call. Do not start talking about your business or try and keep them on the phone.

    “I am so sorry I interrupted you, when would be a better time?”

    Reschedule and call them back at a later time.

    If you call back and it is still the wrong time continue to reschedule until you find a time that that you can meet.

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  • Script: VoiceMail Message

    On your first voicemail message leave the following details on their answering machine:

    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Reason You Called
    • Tell them to check their email for more information

    Send a follow up email with a link to your website and your contact information.

    If they do not call you back try to call a few more times that week, at different times of the day.

    If you still do not receive a call back, use the following message:

    “Hi (lead name), this is (your name) calling you again because to provide you with information about how you can earn extra income from home. I don’t want to bother you and I just wanted to let you know this is the last time I will be calling. You can call me back at (your phone number).

    We call this “fear of loss” and this final voicemail message typically gets more responses.

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  • Your Powerline

    The #1 question you will be asked by your leads is

    “What do you do?”

    How you respond to this question will have a huge impact on the rest of your call!

    If you have to stop and think about it you will lose trust. If you sound confident and proud of your business you will gain trust.

    Remember to write down your powerline and practice it with your business partners before making calls!

    How to write your powerline:

    “My name is (your name) and I work with (your company).  (impressive company facts like company growth, awards,  number of members, number of products sold, etc).  Our business provides (the product) (how it helps customers). (optional: talk about your personal success)

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  • Script: Aged Leads

    Hi (lead name), my name is (your name), calling your from (your location).

    I am calling because you requested some information about starting a home business a while ago, and I wanted to see if you found what you are looking for yet?


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