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  • Prospect Closing Formula

    New Course is Coming soon!


    Do you feel frustrated with so much to do? So much to learn? How to follow up? When to follow up?

    And what to do about those “interested” people that never actually join?

    Do you find yourself Googling questions, like “How to succeed at network marketing?”

    In this course, we cover all of that and so much more.

    In this 8-part training you will learn: 

    • How most leaders grow huge organizations
    • The exact action steps to take with every lead
    • A PDF and WORD worksheet for tracking your leads (step-by-step)
    • Know exactly what you need to improve to get more sales

    In the network marketing industry, there are a few KEY FACTORS to growing a massive organization.

    In this course, we give you a SIMPLE DETAILED LIST of the closing process!

    It’s taken us over 10 years to create such a simple summary.

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

    And we keep going…

    We give you a list for the long-term strategy too. 

    Because in network marketing specifically, the goal is building a big organization that organically grows itself.

    With this detailed list, we train on each of the 8 individual step-by-step items, with a detailed tutorial video for each!

    You will also have access to Q&A in the comments section.

    To be notified when this course becomes available, simply make sure you are following us on social media (facebook), or have an account with us at HBBLeads (you can create a free, no cost account here).


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  • Split Testing: Secrets To Your Network Marketing Success!

    Do you want to know exactly how to improve any marketing campaign?

    Do you want to know how to have results from marketing in almost anything you do?





    What is split testing? 

    Split testing means that you are always trying different things to see what gets the best response.

    How do you set up split test?

    You do not need fancy software 🙂

    You simply need to break down how you do your marketing, one small item at a time. 

    For example: Start with your opening sentence when you call leads. 

    Try using a few different introductions such as:

    1. Good afternoon, this is ____ calling about your interest in making money from home, how are you today? Do you have a moment to talk?
    2. Hello, this is a courtesy call for (Lead Name), my name is ____ calling about your interest in making money from home,. I am calling to make sure you received the information you requested.
    3. Good afternoon, this is ___ calling from ___(my location)___. I am calling because you answered one of my websites about starting a home business…

    Use each one on at least 10 times or more.

    Make a note of which one had a positive response, where the person wanted to talk to you more, and notes of when people became distant and tried to end the call.

    You will notice when you say certain phrases they light up with excitement, and with other phrases, they pull away and start to become negative. TAKE NOTES!

    Next, you may want to try testing 3 different videos explaining your business.

    Again, watch how people respond to each video and always take notes.


    Take Detailed Notes


    Over time, and it does take time, you will see patterns.

    • You will learn that your leads generally like it when you say certain words, and get turned off by others. 
    • You will find you get more interest from some videos and no responses from others. 

    The more you do this, the more your marketing becomes predictable and successful! 

    You can eventually get to a place where you know your entire marketing process, and you know that it gets positive results!

    You will also know which words and videos do not work, and need to be removed from your process.

    Always be taking notes on how people respond to your words, videos, emails, texts, and so much more. 

    Even if you have a problem with a part of your enrollment process that you can’t solve… you now know WHAT you need to solve.

    For example, let’s assume no one is responding positively to your video. You can contact your upline for help and ask what video they are using to get results. You can test even more videos. You can ask your leads directly “be honest with me, what didn’t you like about the video?” and use that information to help you find a different video or create your own video or webinar.


    Repeat, Repeat Repeat


    Always be split testing.

    Always listen closely to your prospect’s response to your words or marketing materials.

    Always be taking notes on responses from every single small piece of your advertising.

    You can review your notes every day, week, or month.

    The more you remove what is not working, and do more of what is working, the more your business will succeed!



    This post is PURE GOLD.

    We hope you will bookmark, save it, and use it over and over again. 



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  • Prospect Toolbox Demo – Network Marketing Solutions by HBBLEADS

    Watch this Prospect Toolbox demo, where you will see a presentation for a new customer looking for a way to manage 1,000’s of contacts.

    You ask, we answer. HBBLEADS Prospect Toolbox network marketing solutions explained.

    Watch More Videos

    Order Prospect Toolbox


    […transcript excerpt…] Everyone, this is Brook from HBBLEADS And in this video, we’re doing a webinar to go over the basic features of prospect Toolbox and talk about what it is. Alright, so I was talking to Renee earlier this morning, and she was talking about building her business with maybe a thousand leads at a time, and I had to suggest prospect toolbox. So here we are and you’re going to watch me show the prospect toolbox, and go through the main settings and what it is and how it will help her. And you get to watch this video too. I would say I love creating videos because she can share them with her team when they need to learn how to use prospect tools. You can share them with your team out there. And that’s what Prospect Toolbox is all about too, it’s about duplication and making it easier on ourselves in the long run.Okay, so what you’re looking at right now, this is the home page of HBBLEADS as You’re familiar, and you’ll find prospect toolbox, all over the site, and you can also order a here and you probably notice that it’s one dollar for a ten day trial. And we did that for a very specific reason, and that is that you need some time to set it up, you do some time to get under the hood and create all the settings.I’m gonna show you that today, what it looks like and this or trial in that 10 days, there’s no setup fees, there’s no contracts, there’s no cancellation policy, and you can upgrade and downgrade at any time from inside your customer account with us. And I have a little bit of a demo account here. If I can show you. I don’t know if it has the settings, but I’ll show you what it looks like. When you have a customer account with us, you have this control panel and you’ll see your settings here and all your prospect toolbox. Not will be in your account. So if you’re familiar with us already, which you probably are, if you’re watching this video, you probably order leads to us in the past and you know, you know how to use the internet, you know how to log into an account and get what you need.Well, prospect toolbox, although it is a separate system from us is actually a separate company. We partnered with them in a way. So that when you logged at HBBLEADS, your prospect toolbox is inside the same account, you can click one link and log into your prospect to bad, so you don’t need to remember two passwords. And also, when you receive leads from us to go into your system automatically… we’ll get to there, that later. What was this modify your account? You can come in here and click on this link. …you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any time. So if it doesn’t work out for you, you can just cancel it.[…. you can upgrade at any time, you can downgrade at any time. Say it is a slow season? Downgrade. No questions asked….] You can do all that here… we even have people over the years that maybe have the biggest package, which is the dialer and everything else. You can actually downgrade over Christmas and payable. If you’re not gonna be dialing, may you take on vacation for a month traveling for a while, you actually downgrade to a lower package size, keep your leads people, your haters, winners and upgrade later. So basically, what I want you to know is that when you have an account with us, it’s really easy to manage. You can see your next billing date, you can actually update your credit cradle, this the users’ account will look a little different than you were. Because this person has been here a really long time and they actually ordered a package we had, which is more… it’s not even that much, but he ordered a package that was a lot more than that a long time ago.But in here, when you modify your account, update your credit card log in your system all in the same cultural panel.

    So does that make sense? 

    So when you get that one dollar trial, I just want you to know that you have full control if you wanna change the size of your package or you want to cancel or whatever, there’s no cancellation based on contract, just log in your account, make the changes that you need, right?

    Live Leads, Fresh Leads are delivered directly to your Prospect Toolbox.

    So, let’s get into this a little bit. Okay, so this system has so many features and I could relate out here. And what I’m gonna do here is gonna talk about these important tips before I show you this system. These are really the most important things to know. Okay, so we already covered that one login is needed. We just covered that. Now, here’s the next tip, is that we deliver all of your live and fresh leads automatically into your prospect toolbox for you.

    So when every order leads from here leads, the leads will go into your system automatically, you don’t have to download anything, you don’t to import anything, they just show up. And I’ll be showing you a few minutes exactly where they land when they get there and what’s important to know those these age to leads the only ones we don’t send your account as both local leads, the leads have to be within 30 days old and the local, as are older than 30 days old, and we might occasionally have… so, specialty leads, for example, post cables or for direct mail, those don’t get loaded in your account. Got basically most of our leads. Any leads that are in 30 days old, have a name, email, phone number, those are gonna be loaded into account automatically, so you can start using the system and what happens with a lot of people that sign up is they think it would be harder than this. And we start looking for how to do all those things.

    Where do I log in?

    “How do I download my leads? Well, you just log in here and your leads are there, it’s already done.

    Here’s what a lot of people like … there’s so many users on the system right now and no one else has this.

    We have free leads with every account level and all we show you those account levels in a minute. And I wanna talk to you about what the free leads are. This is really important. The free leads are seven to 10 day nationwide leads. So you can see what these are. So these are nationwide, which means these are people responding to ads all over the United States and they are age leads. They can be up to 20 days old, we do well, here’s the thing, they’re free.

    but the nation, widely, it’s to apply and you’ll see this sign by the way, when you go through any leads on our site, if they’re eligible for prospect tool box, if you go in, click through all little icons and everything else would see that they’re eligible and you can see the other delivery settings. What I wanna show you though on the nationwide leads is…

    so basically what they are, let’s look at the lead data so we can go here.

    You get the basic name, phone of our email dress.

    These are some pretty… basically, a nationwide. They answered an ad wanting to acquire about starting a home business or making initial income from home.

    And what I wanna show you, even more, is the pricing on these leads. That’s the order lead your pick. Because when I wanna show you, is that the system, it’s actually like A by one, get one free. we’d matched the system to the price of the leads when you get 50 free leads, which would be about 3065. we have a 30 system, that’s 50 leads, we do the math that works out, we have another one that’s 80 leads, which is about 50. and He, price. If you did it, the math and I will spend all my time on that. And then our 200 leads is a… and I just…

    yeah, it’s not you to see this real quick because you’re gonna find our system as the price is the same, we’re basically giving you the system and these leads.

    It’s like a buy one, get one free by the way you price it out.

    I wanna manage some expectations really quick too.

    You understand that dialing older leads is a little bit more challenging or you need to have a different skill set to do that. You double lanes before. Yes, I do understand that…

    yeah, so, but now with your system, as you mentioned that it has emailing capability and things, you are able to put them on a campaign where you can even though You’re not calling it regularly, but if you get the older leads and you’re able to email them, you’re staying in contact with them and you’re still sending information to kind of park or interest.

    Absolutely, you’re right. So the system will help you re-engage older leads. And I like to let people know that I, I’M really honest with people, is that you get what you pay for…

    and we have other leaves on our site that are more evaluated. First, they go through a more thorough check. They’re live. But I like to say, I always like when I train people, I always like to see that the age, these, these are really good for practice because you have such a minimum investment level and you can take your time a dial, and if someone’s getting some good results of the age leads even just a little bit, I know that They’re gonna do really well with the lively, it’s just, it gives you that time to make the states or try out the system and not fail that you’ve invested hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars into leads.

    You have something to use and get familiar with how it works. But I always like… Let people though, there’s better quality leaves them these available. So anyway, let’s get back over here, go ahead, Ethan. If there’s anything you wanna say before I consider Montecristi to get that 200 lead back in and get this is with it. Now, what the sentiment that would you be contacted by the system like, Okay, there’s eight leads today. Or how does that work? Because you won’t get all the leaden ill, it feel the…

    just so many… okay, that’s a really good question.

    I so happy I have you on the mother with me.

    Okay, so yeah, the system, the project Toolbox has notifications set up where it will automatically start setting a daily email is getting on a summary of that day and what’s happened. You can change that in your account settings if you don’t like the notifications, you can even get text alert notifications. So if you really wanna know when something’s happening with your leads in the system, maybe they’re watching a video or they respond it or sign up for one of your capture pages, you get a text alert from the system. So it’s pretty cool, it’ll notify you now. Yeah, this a really great question about how fast you get your leads at each baby leads. It’s basically a case-by-case basis. But I’ll try and summarize when you get age leads, you get your free leads with this system, you’re basically usually the way to get them all at once. I’ll break that down and be even more specific with you. So you know exactly what’s going to happen.

    So let’s say, you place this order for ten days, so you have 10 days to set up your account, get familiar with the settings. So when you do get the leads, it’s ready to go. You don’t wanna get leads and have an incomplete system sending emails that doesn’t maybe you don’t wanna do that, you wanna make sure that your system set up before you get the free leads.

    Network Marketing At Your Own Pace: Upgrade or downgrade at any time!

    Okay, so I wanna go through these account levels and show you what you can get, depending on what price point or not. And, like I said, you can upgrade, downgrade at any time.

    And so the basic account level has almost everything you need is called Pro. And I think I have another page that were… so, this off even better. Let me see if this is the page. There’s a lot of pages you guys, but they all go to the same place. You can’t really get lost. We just have designed this number of ways.

    So let’s look at these account levels, the professional system where we call it Pro 29.95 has all of these tools is a really long list.

    I’m gonna read it off really quickly. lead capture pages, you can create your own capture pages. The contact man, You’re for notetaking video presentations, that video presentations, we’ll have to look into that, that I have to look and see it. That means we do a “Rabia webinar tool is no longer in here.

    I think they took that off. Yeah, they did.

    Everything in here is very trackable. So who is responding what the Honor monorail campaigns, you get a separate email inbox, you get a business email address of business, another involved, you wanna separate your leads and your leader sponsors from your Gmail or personally “tando that a calendar and a task list, which is also just that alone is really good. When you see the email broadcast, it’s basically having MailChimp or Constant Contact, you can send newsletters, send big mailings out to all your leads or your team or your market, you can also brand the system with their own domain. So it’s all branded to you. And they don’t even know prospect who… lots or hot leads. It can just be your brands. We also have and of course, you can purchase leads.

    So that is just the 29.95 system I’m going to show you. And the next two systems are a little bit easier to understand. The next system up, is the 59.95 and this one I like to call the team later package because you don’t really need the premier unless you are guiding a team… and this will give you… and a lot of people like your own, it’s kind of a 800 number: people put their cell phone, a number out on their campaigns. You can get this one, get the voicemail account.

    There’s my phone support. So you can actually call in to prospect to box it additional support you can do more with audios in the system. This is what you really want, is the conference bridge, some of the team sharing.

    If you’re building a team, you get a conference line and the two sharing capability is the things like being able to host leads to your team, and we don’t have time to cover this in today’s video, but this system is all duplicate. So Rene, if you spend the next three months streamlining our process building your team and you’ve written 10 email campaigns and you have a capture page in like, “And you loaded a dozen videos when you go to bring on your team, use the same system, all you’ll need is a team access code. So maybe it’s your name, for example.


    So anyway, you can really brand it for your team and have it set just for your business or your team. And it’s basically a duplicate system once you build it.

    So that’s what that comes in. And then finally, we have phone burner, which is the then 11995, it’s unlimited phone burner in, for sake of time, I’m not going to go to their website. Phone runner, Patty, its own video, it’s so big. The phone burner will autodialer leads for you while you’re on the phone and it basically calls out three terms faster than you can on your own. It sends all your… IT plays recorded boils, you don’t have to wait for boys now, machines, you don’t have to waste your voice landing, 20, boy, sales a day that’s gonna record your voice, but one time and that will get played over and over and over with follow up emails and phone burner normally cost 149 a month to promote.

    So you can downgrade upgrade at any time between these four package levels.

    When you buy your prospect to box and you get that one or treaty, so we’ll pick. I’m gonna try and track a little bit, when you get your trial in your customer can… all you have to do is log in the heads and in your customer account, you have this little book. There will be a link that will say right around this area will say “Click here to activate and then You’ll have a link that will love, just like this “Click here to log in. So, just now you won’t still never…

    Oh, it’s “Click here to log in and the very first time you log in, this is exactly what you’ll see Is this welcome page and is tired of the welcome page. You cannot stop showing that page after while it’s still in there, but this welcome wizard, we’ll take you through step by step was that I’m open account setup wizard. it’ll tell you your username and your password, although that’s not shown there, that’s good.


    So let’s look at the dashboard when you’re done with this set of lizard, this is the dashboard. And I actually opened up… oh, I can’t show us, i’m industry use, I actually log in to leaders, I can maybe guys a little say taken to someone else’s account. This is my demo account, so I don’t really use it all that much except for hosting trainings, but I’m gonna show you a little bit of what play on in the dashboard. I like to find people that no matter what’s going on in the system, this is really what you wanna log into every day, and by the way, this all, it’s really good on your local phone to be logging on.

    Or your tablet. So here we have all these funds. I won’t go through. I will say that this is something you wanna check every day to fly email campaigns are going to land in this inbox. 

    If I built the system, I would have called this ethical stopping.

    You really know what you know, at least when it comes to you, nothing else, but when it comes to you in your business, anything you have, in this system, any video you add, any email you send out, whether it’s our template or something, you design, it’s all trapped.

    So, you know, really well, who’s done what?

    Also, this is just your overview page to see what’s going on. I’m gonna hop ahead to my website when I do these live videos, I can’t show you an actual lead data.

    You can search by so many things. And I’ll say this advanced search really quick. I want got all of this, I’m just gonna expand everything, just tell you what you can search on your lead data. It is huge, what you can search for, and you may not ever even need this, but visualize that some day, you’ve added hundreds of leads in the system, maybe even thousands. And you wanna find people that are in a certain state where you’re having a conference coming up and you wanna do a local pollution or you wanna find the people that maybe in one burner, you called them and you have left a voicemail or you have left a message in the last… before, in the last days ago, in the last 15 days, you can actually do a search for Who I’ve left. Was this for the last 00 days? I will search on that and know exactly who maybe you wanna do a second set of calls and I know this, it’s really intricate, but like I said, it’s like the gym membership. Do you need all this?

    “Absolutely not, that’s on your business. You don’t need to know how to do this. But when someone calls me and they call it apples may say, “How can I find people that are XYZ in my system, I could always find them, and I can make that into a folder or a Safe Search. And when I name the search here, left One Voice Male down here, it’s a safe search that would actually save that search. So whenever I wanna see… well, at the Bois forte last 109 days, it’s right here, the State, Starrett search basically run it again. And this is very advanced.

    That’s my school dance search. But name, I’m gonna go through a lot more about how is this going to you so far?

    This is just completely amazing.

    So your downline is good, your team is good.

    This is really good, if you’re somebody that calls more than 100 people. Well, help a lot and all the followup calls I ever had that saying, which is totally true, that how many times you’ve talked to somebody before you close them is it, I do this a lot when I do trainings, I ask how many people close, all their friends, even one friend or family member, the first day, they join their company the first time you call your friend, how many people have close somebody? The first day they told a friend or family member, did you sign them on the spot and then realize…

    yeah, no, this is fantastic.

    Yeah, I only have one question.

    That other equipment, what would you suggest would use connected? What do we call from our actual space? Cellphone or should Seneca have a headset and call?

    Is there any special… we should get good, good questions.

    Network Marketing Solutions Final Tip: Follow up, follow up, follow up!

    I’m gonna finish the one thing I was just saying which was… you always have to do a lot of followups.

    I think the Google voice, I do have that… and I like that number, and I might stick with that initially. Good, yeah, we have a lot of people using that.

    If you have more questions, go to the customer support here and just contact us like you would at any other website where you get your system, you’re going to get in an additional support from a system as well. They have their own customer support in addition to ours. So we’re both able to help you out if you have any questions, be sure to check the training videos and has always come back and they go to support. If you wanna see a training video on a very specific topic that we haven’t done yet coming here and senior message and let us know. I really like doing videos so I can help you and you can help your team. And that’s what, duplications, all about, is things like this?

    So thank you so much, Rene. And must you guys in future training and webinars? Thank you, alright, have a great day, by everyone.

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    Speaking Secrets, Tuesday, Jun 19, 4:00 PM Pacific Time Register Here
    • Attend live webinars for extra bonuses! Live webinars often include bonus downloads, content, live Q&A and sometimes coupon codes that are not all included in the recording later!

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    Recorded Training Videos



    • All of our training is “generic” meaning that we do not promote any type of home business, only marketing advice.
    • By using our videos and training, you can be more effective with your time.
    • Leads are not for everyone, it is only one way of marketing. However for the right person can be invaluable.
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  • Prospect Toolbox Support: Set-up Instructions

    Congratulations on your new Prospect Toolbox System!


    We suggest that you use your first 10 days of your $1 trial to create your perfect dream system.

    The primary reason we offer a $1 for 10 Day Trial, is to give you time to set up your system before you pay full price and start contacting leads using the system.

    We know this may seem like a lot to do, however, you likely only need to do this one time.

    Remember, you are creating an automated machine to do a lot of the work for you!

    However, just like hiring and training a personal assistant, you need to tell the system how you want it to work for you.

    Before you know it you will be quickly contacting hundreds of leads and enjoying a system that is sending out personalized company videos, follow up emails, and so much more!

    We’ve already added a lot of content for you, now it’s your turn to add your personal touch to all of it.

    The Prospect Toolbox is highly customizable, and the more you make the system personal about your business, with your stories, videos, etc., the better your results will be.

    Ready to begin? 

    Step 1: Login to Your Account

    Click here to login to your HBBLeads account, then login to your Prospect Toolbox account. 

    You only need to log in one time at HBBLeads to access both accounts!

    If you have not done this yet, you may see a link to “Click to Activate” before this step.

    In this control panel, you can upgrade, downgrade, cancel, view your next billing date, update your credit card, and change many other settings, at any time.


    Step 2: Complete the Getting Started Wizard

    Click here to visit the Welcome Page

    At the minimum finish the Getting Started steps 1-3.

    You can revisit the Marketing and Managing Contacts tabs at a later time.


    Step 3: Add Your Own Domain (optional)

    Click here to use a custom domain. 

    Although this setting is optional it is highly recommended for the best results.

    You can use a domain name you already own or buy one through the system (about $12.99 / year).

    When you use your own domain name, your marketing website, lead capture pages, smart sender, and email address will be professionally branded to YOU!

    Also, this is the #1 way to get more emails landing in the inbox because you will not be using the same domain name as other users on our system. To learn more about email marketing watch our training videos.

    Please keep in mind that you can add a custom domain later at any time, however, you cannot remove or change it in the future or you risk breaking links, missing reply emails, and much more. 

    After you add your domain successfully, it is recommended to go through the Getting Started wizard again one more time to create your new email address with your new domain.


    Step 4: Check Your Account Settings

    Click here to visit your Prospect Toolbox Account Settings 

    Take your time to go through each link on this page.
    You may not need to change anything, however, will have peace of mind that you know what information about you is being shown in the email campaigns and where to change settings in the future.

    If you added a domain name in the previous step, you will need to check all of your account settings again to make sure your new email address is being used and displayed correctly.


    Step 5: Your Personal Email Account

    Prospect Toolbox not only sends marketing emails, it also has a personal email account.

    This is where you will receive all of the replies to your email autoresponder and more.

    Be sure to check this every day when you start to receive leads in your system!

    Follow the images below to learn how to find your personal email account, and change the settings to work exactly the way you want it to.

    If you added a domain name in the previous step, you will need to check all of your account settings again to make sure your new email address is being used and displayed correctly.



    Step 6: Add Your Videos

    Click here to add your own videos.

    You will need to add videos here BEFORE they can be added to your E-mail Campaigns, Marketing Website, Lead Capture Pages, Smart Sender, and more. 

    Use the “Import” button to instantly add videos from YouTube and Vimeo! This is the easiest way to add them.

    We suggest adding at least one video about each of the following topics:

    • Company Products or Services
    • Compensation Plan
    • Sizzle / Short Commercial

    You can always add more videos at a later time. If you find you are sending the same video frequently, be sure to add it here and then add it to other marketing tools such as an email campaign!


    Step 7: Customize Your Marketing Website

    Click here to customize your website. 

    Your marketing website is a video presentation website featured in many of the email campaigns that will be sent to your leads.

    Be sure that “Step 2” on this page links directly to your personal company sign-up, checkout, or enrollment page for your home business so that you have the possibility of getting sign ups!


    Step 8: Add Yourself as a Contact

    Click here to visit your Contact Manager

    Add your personal information as a contact to test out the tools! This is the best way to see how the system works.

    Note: Do not send yourself systems emails repeatedly or you will get blocked as a spammer. Marketing emails can take 0-4 hours to reach your inbox, learn more about this in our Email Secrets 2 course.





    Need More Help? Watch a Video Tutorial



    Please contact us if you need help with any of the steps above.


    We think these videos will be helpful to watch next: 

    Prospect Toolbox Demo (with important tips)

    Email Secrets 2 (all the ways you can send email from your system)


    Did this post help you? What training do you want to see next?

    Please let us know in the comments!




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    ** Links, Email Address, Phone Numbers, Branding, and Prices are out-of-date in these videos **

    These videos are from 2014-2016 and cover many of the basic features inside Prospect Toolbox (previously named MyGoldProspector). 

    However much of the advice and software basically remains the same.

    If the links below do not work, you may need to be logged into your Prospect Toolbox account first.

    Email Marketing + Phone Burner Demo

    How to use MyGoldProspector (Prospect Toolbox) for more than leads

    Text Message Notifications

    Team Leader Training

    Contact Manager – How to receive leads, manage them, organize, etc.

    Setting up Prospect Toolbox

    Picking a Domain Name For Your Business

    Speaking Secrets

    Smart Sender – Similar to having a dropbox inside a Sales Funnel, create your own custom pages

    Local Leads – Working local leads step-by-step

    Critical First Steps

    Mobile Marketing Tips

    Holiday Marketing Tips






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  • Email Secrets 2

    In this advanced course take a tour of the email features inside Prospect Toolbox.

    Learn many different ways to contact your leads for the most effective campaigns.

    Something we forgot to add to this video: 

    When you have a prospect toolbox account, your MLM company links are automatically hidden (masked) with our domain names, or by using  your own custom domain if you choose to add one. This will help you get more emails into the inbox when promoting your company.

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  • Email Secrets

    Frustrated with your email landing in the junk mail?

    Want more email responses from your leads?

    You are not alone.

    This is common for the entire home business, mlm, and network marketing industry.

    In this video we cover exactly what is landing you into the junk mail, and what to do about it.

    Something we forgot to add to this video: 

    When you have a prospect toolbox account, your MLM company links are automatically hidden (masked) with our domain names, or by using  your own custom domain if you choose to add one. This will help you get more emails into the inbox when promoting your company.

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  • Post Card Leads Training

    We provide Post Card Leads for mailing handwritten postcards to build your business.

    These leads contain mailing addresses only. We do not provide the actual postcards or postage.

    These are an excellent option if you do not like calling leads and would instead like only the interested prospects to call you back.


    Where can you buy postcards?

    • Post Office
    • UPS
    • Office Supply Stores
    • Print Stores


    What to write on the cards (use your own handwriting for the best results)


    [Lead Name],

    I would like to talk to you about an opportunity/position with my company.
    Please call me at _______.

    My Name

    My Phone Number


    What do you say when they call you back?

    If they ask how you found their information, here’s a response you can use:


    Great to hear from you!

    You answered one of my ads or a survey online looking for ways generate extra income from home, or over the internet.

    I understand that you may, or may not be interested in working with my company. I’m contacting you to provide you with information so you can make an educated decision that is best for you.

    When do you have about 15 minutes so I we can go over how you can work with my company?


    You may want to set an appointment with the lead for a live conference call, video presentation, or website tour that can explain your business model.

    See our training pages for more scripts to help you on the phone.


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