Is Network Marketing Right For You? (8 Question Quiz!)

Is a network marketing career right for you? When you know the answer to this, you will have a better decision-making ability to know when someone is right for this business and when they are not.

I know you’re probably surprised to see this post.


Sometimes the complications of having success goes a lot deeper than just the quality of the leads.

To be honest, my biggest #1 pet peeve about the network marketing industry is seeing the wrong people being recruited, while the right people are being looked over and don’t even know this industry exists.

The bottom line: It’s all about honesty and finding the right people to work with you.

Pick one the following…

  1. Would you prefer to enroll only 3 people this year who will reach high ranks in your company, that are naturally motivated, and will lift you up as well?
  2. Or enroll 20 people that complain, waste time, don’t recruit, and don’t follow through?

I hope you said the first one! There are so many benefits to option #1, we would need to write another article to cover it all.

After reading this post:

  • There may be more people you turn away from working in your business faster. By the way, telling someone “no” is actually very attractive and you may find they start pursuing to work with you! 
  • There may be more people who you will have a genuine enthusiasm to recruit them into your business! Having authentic enthusiasm and belief in someone else’s success is very important for closing sales and making enrollments. It’s one of the best things you can do (and you can only do it authentically).

How much better will your business perform with this insight?

We hope you see why this is so important. 

Take this quiz for yourself, or use it when connecting with your leads to help you determine if they are the right fit for your network marketing career.

8 tips to know network marketing is a good option for you or your prospects:

    Social-Personality / Extrovert / People Person

network marketing careerHow do you feel about talking to new people and making friends? Be honest! I’m not talking about being “salesy” and pushy (that doesn’t work anyway).

If you were to spend 5 days a week constantly meeting new people, going out for meals, connecting on social media making introductions…

Does it light you up and sound fun? Or make you cringe and want to read a book?

If being social and meeting people all the time sounds good to you, you’ll fit in well in this business.

Network Marketing is a social business. Period. There is no way around this. If you or your prospect doesn’t want a social business that involves talking to people regularly, there are other careers, perhaps writing or technical business opportunities that are less social.

    Self Starter / Motivated / Ambitious

Do you or your prospect do any of the following?

  • Study self-improvement books.
  • Attend conferences or take courses.
  • Have a desire and taking steps to make life better.
  • Show up for calls and meetings.
  • A strong desire to help others succeed.
  • Complete work without being pushed.
    Money Mentality

network marketing career

This can be learned.

Do you or your prospect understand the long-term vision of building a large network?

The truth is very few people make a lot of money fast in network marketing. The people that consistently build, over time develop a network that pays off.

It’s similar to popping popcorn in a microwave that starts off slow and inconsistent, but with the right about of time, it can take off. Most people quit after 1-2 months because they don’t see the big picture.

With long-term and consistent business building (such as a 2×2 model), significant numbers can be reached.

    Leadership Abilities

network marketing career

This can be learned.

Many of the best leaders today never imagined they could lead a team or stand on a stage.

Leadership can also be shown by following through on commitments, communicating clearly, keeping up with company updates, and being a role model.

The team will do what their leader does, not what the leader says. Basically talking about doing things, and actually doing things, will have very different results.

A good leader understands that those others will follow their example.

    Emotional or Meaningful Connection to the Services or Products

network marketing career

Does your company provide a service or product that is meaningful to you? Is the product unique or provided in the best way?

What is the benefit of buying what your company offers?

How did you feel before, and then after experiencing the product and services?

How much better off will others be, because of the products or services?

Knowing this will give your business a purpose. Telling this story will make it easy to share your passion for your business, magnetically attract people to work with you, without doing pushy “sales.”

A valuable product not only provides emotional stories and true benefits, these types of companies tend to last longer in business too.

    The Price is Right

network marketing careerA job may have consistent pay, however, be very limiting in growth and opportunity.

A traditional business or a franchise can cost anywhere from tens to hundreds of thousands to get started and open its doors.

A Network Marketing business, which typically costs a few hundred to a few thousand to begin, can be just the right balance of investment and opportunity for the right person.

You also understand your companies compensation model, and if you haven’t already earned your investment back, you know exactly how to do it.

If you are already enrolled in a company, you know how to help your future or current enrollments earn their investment back right away too, and you are prepared to hold their hand and help them do it!

    Adaptable and Open Minded

network marketing career

Even though the website says that 18.2 people were in network marketing last year in the United States alone, it still doesn’t follow the traditional career track for most people.

Network Marketing is frequently releasing innovated products and services that cannot be found anywhere else.

The compensation model is not an hourly wage, salary, or tips…  instead, based on commission, bonuses, leveraged, and residual income.

The network marketing industry will continue to innovate, and it takes an open mind, to learn and adapt as the industry continues to grow.


    Time Commitment

network marketing career

Even in a networking business where so much is done for you (websites, products, services, shopping carts, product delivery, and so on…), there has to be a weekly commitment to team training, conference calls, calling new contacts, follow up, and supporting your enrollments in achieving their goals.

Even if it’s on lunch breaks, commutes to another job, or while watching kids, that’s ok! Just make sure you have consistent time to dedicate to it. Make it a priority and schedule it every week for the best results. It can be hard for family and friends to respect a schedule for a “home business”, it takes assertiveness and planning to accomplish it.

I usually suggest asking that a minimum of 10 hours per week is dedicated to the business, and let yourself and enrollments know that with more time they will see more results. This is not a lottery ticket business, it takes commitment and effort to pay off achieve results. It can be a fun business, just make sure you actually have time for it!


How many of these did you say YES to?

Score yourself and your leads:  __ / 8

8/8 = Duh! You are perfect for this!

7/8-4/8 = There is always room for learning and growth. By working with a networking company you will be developing more skills and ways to evaluate a business.

1/8 – 3/8 = What is your motivation for being in a networking business? WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Bring this list to your upline or enroller, and ask for their expert advice on how you can accomplish more of the items on this list, and if they can help you achieve it. If your “WHY/REASON” is big enough, you will likely have the motivation to accomplish anything.

When you interview your leads, pay attention to how many of these qualities you recognize in them. You will either know when to say “NEXT!” and look for better prospects or know when to have a genuine enthusiasm that they are in the right business! Both will help save you more time and earn more money!

Do you have any other suggestions for this list? Let us know below in the comments.

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